hi jaiden here

- i use adobe flash for animating, recommend either Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio paint to draw, & recently upgraded to a cintiq 27qhd drawing monitor
- if you're looking for a beginning drawing tablet just get the cheapest Wacom brand tablet you can find
- if you're looking for a free drawing program Fire Alpaca is p good (still recommend clip studio tho)
- I’m not taking any collab/commission/etc. at the moment, thanks!

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  1. Thunder Bolt23

    Ok so I have glasses and I think you either have to be born with poor eyesight or be in front of the tv constantly

  2. SHCD-Minecraft and More

    as a guy who just had rct happen, i feel u about the tongue thing

  3. Graydabae 427

    Like the avatar meme lol


    Next video is gonna be ur 100th video... congratulations

  5. Pix3l4t0r Gaming

    this was 8 years ago

  6. K7qk

    Murphy is the prettiest god damn bird you will ever lay your eyes on

  7. Nora Haggstrom

    I found a jaiden hair at my school

  8. volkswagenginetta

    jaiden your video is the very reason why i hate when everyone is a suckup and refuses to critisize constructively 1:08 - 1:35 I get it dont be an asshole when you criticize someone but if i do something i want to know if i was good or bad at it. When i ask someone "How did I do" and the responce is "oh you were the best" and if i know i fucked up something and wasn't the best i can't trust that person to be honest with me/ they dont know how to critique properly. I get why they do it they are being polite and supportive, but now i don't actually go to them for criticism anymore since i know if i were to shit on a plate they would still say good job. Maybe im much more pragmatic then most people so my personal experience isnt helpful for others, but i want critism so i know where to grow. Everybody doesn't like everything and im sick of people pretending they do

  9. ArrowAssassinX

    A speedrun? Why no video of Ari's birthday this year? :(

  10. Tyler Armstrong

    During the scarlet letter I told a "very believible" lie that one of the characters died via bear attack and it became a meme among my English class

  11. Turtle Boy

    I know this came out like 3 years ago but I’m still so mad at anyone who disliked this video😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Bryan Hatcher

    She literally created a category there are 6 other runs LMAO.

  13. Blazing Lucario2047

    You think that’s bad? Imagine how I feel right now, having a tangled and twisted muscle inside your leg makes you feel like an elder, except you have to lay in bed FOR SEVERAL DAYS, god I miss the gym ;-;

  14. JustPlainKenny

    If you go to 5:50 and switch the captions to Portuguese it says “SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKAS” lol

  15. caleb williams

    ME: how was your day? JAIDEN: oh i peed on my walet.

  16. Chiara Agnesia Manurung

    you recorded on a toaster edit:red is sus

  17. Sahid Ramos

    Who’s watching Jaidens old videos in 2020

  18. XSO1 GAMER

    Can i get a dog?

  19. Gianfranco Campanella


  20. Luna herman

    I concur on the bad dentist bit, I ended up having like 12 teeth pulled all at once. and they used the gas on me to knock me out. all I remember about that trip was the smell of gasoline....

  21. Scott Janzen

    Jaiden: it's due tomorrow and its 10:45 pm... me: I have a assignment due tomorow and its 10:45 pm... wow I need to get my life together

  22. Relyn Roco


  23. aerodynamichotdog

    I feel like more people would like reading if we weren't forced to read books we had no interest in.

  24. TheDarkness SideSon

    Oh you like speedrun ? Name every speedrun that have happened ever

  25. Kenneth Plays

    im -9 years old and i love your videoss!

  26. Bir Minik Kedicik

    Me: I hope nothing happens something like that to me My allergy: hah really?

  27. Amy Alvarado


  28. snowyrosepanda

    As soon as she said not to look up foodwars unless your 18 and up i went there-

  29. Elena Timchenko

    I am learning the recorder and its amazing

  30. Hunter Hogencamp

    I love cooking moma it was my childhood

  31. Horse Lover

    I think it's fair if you pause the timer when getting gifts and getting ari

  32. Aerial Circus

    Ofc my state (Louisiana aka worst state ever dont move here) is at the bottem of the list for best education for America plus 1 other country thingy

  33. Rubis Solis

    I love jeiden


    2:35 touch the bidoof -jaiden 2020

  35. NTKPlayz - Brawl Stars

    Jaiden: Makes the Nuzlocke look interesting and fun Me when I just do a normal gameplay and actually gets kinda bored: Liar!

  36. George Huang


  37. I need a new name

    7:57 that’s a nice infernape

  38. ArgumentativeAtheist

    Heels were originally made for men. Butchers used to wear them so that they wouldn't get blood on the bottoms of their trousers. Just FYI.

  39. Munchie Lam

    Make a 2nd Chanel about Ari bloopers XD

  40. Etran Gray-Mane

    I think I know what the problem is with parents forcing their kids to read before they do what they want: It turns reading into a literal chore. And no kid likes doing chores during vacation.

  41. Ninjaish Because why not

    Her old looking style is very different

  42. GrffnMstr77

    I want jamesXjaiden babies and i want them now

  43. Litam

    Parallel Universe's

  44. Kassidy Elliott

    Your so pretty! 😊😁

  45. Gus The Gus

    I eat half popped popcorn and I honestly thought I was the only one

  46. Munchie Lam

    Mama collect feathers because it’s li,e collectin* a child’s baby hair so you have a memory

  47. Ike Duruibe

    Anyone wanna learn about Jesus?

  48. SmOlL bRaIn Production

    Jaiden Pop Quiz, who is the Main character in Portal and the Main Antagonist?

  49. Etran Gray-Mane

    Nobody: Auto-Captions: the smooth Ebola had strawberries on top

  50. Lol No

    Hi I'm 69,420 years old and I haven't watched this video yet

  51. Ocean Thebird

    I get more scared of phone calls so if u meet me and my phone starts ringing then don’t be surprised if I do this aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ears there withering away aaaaaahhhh.

  52. Midnight yeet

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  53. The Strain Lady

    I KNOW THAT FEELING! I think im actually going to get braces soon and this actually might help me.....

  54. Lucky Yudistira

    Me when i doing some halloween costume 01:14

  55. Guy Incognito

    No yes uuuu no not me

    1. Guy Incognito


  56. Leon Kuwata

    Anyone else here in 2020

  57. GrffnMstr77

    Hmm... Ship it.....

  58. Gabriel Flamerich

    Did you know customs does not actually do anything that is beneficial to your safety in case of a bombing or similar terrorist attack. It’s all security theatre, if someone really wanted to hurt a lot of people, getting their shoes out in a bin isn’t going to stop them, in fact, when the FBI did an investigation, when they put 130+ items that were considered dangerous weapons, however simply hidden or disguised, through air port security, 15 or so where actually caught

  59. Vanilla

    It's been a few months and Jaiden with the release of this video it jacked the prices. The cheapest I could find last month was $100 this month $100... At least I have Guardian Signs.

  60. Random gaming vids soon

    I think when she said she saw people who looks like asian but white i think that was my famiry

  61. Funny Ezzi

    COVID be like

  62. TocaWithRebecca


  63. ashley heil

    Random person: Hey did you know that your bald Bald guy: WhAt nOOoOoOoOO i DidNt nOdiCe

  64. Good lil Muffin :3

    6:44 it looks like purpled

  65. Jackhammer Gaming

    Jaydens videos are basically my therapy sessions

  66. ぢsgらcえ

    This hit hard

  67. Micxie 2.0

    "I attempted a speedrun and got a world record" Dream: ok

  68. Bryan Duran

    She said fire on but Santa is going to burn

  69. Panda man


  70. Pix3l4t0r Gaming

    quick scientific test me:ok 2 seconds later me:that must be the jumpscare noise in five nights at fredys

  71. Reic Marion Fesalbon

    1:20 that happend to me and now i noticed it then i fu** that bi**h ok im so messed up but im sorry 1:19

  72. Byon Liem

    Have you ever played pokemon sword and shield

  73. Fake Aurxra

    This is many many years late but I am just seeing this and I think he meant you could choose anything up to 120$ to purchase :o

  74. Pro Gamers

    whenever i talk in my class or infront of some people and when all of the people are looking at me my eyes start watering and hands start shaking

  75. Mizusenshi

    I feel you...I'm the same height and my balance isn't great just in general. So I just wear flats, or at most a shoe with a short, wide heel (like a clog) if I want to wear a nice shoe. More recently I bought a pair of sandals from Torrid that are "flatforms" - basically like platform sandals, but flats instead of heels. They still give me some height though. I haven't been able to wear them much though, cause I have to walk 30 minutes to get to the closest bus stop, and I found out (from experience) those shoes are not meant for a lot of intense walking. I'm also remembering my first Homecoming, which I went to with a couple friends. They wore heels, I wore flats. By the end of the night (after Homecoming itself and an afterparty we went to), their feet were killing them, but I was fine. I feel a bit smug about that. ;)

  76. Karina Noxon


  77. Vanessa Rayo

    It haunts me to know.. Jaiden had done so many things.. just to entertain us. And people still go out of their way to hate on her.

  78. Oh_its_katie


  79. Akhil Menon

    oh my god thats a lot of likes

  80. Pulse-_-0ce

    What about 2020